Sarah Care 10 year anniversary party for staff and service users

We held a party to celebrate 10 years of Sarah Care.
We invited staff, clients, their families and members of the local community.
It was a wonderful opportunity to thank everyone and show how much we appreciated their support over the last 10 years.

Sarah Care Disneyland trip​

The management team at Sarah Care feel that Joanne deserves a special recognition and a massive thank you for the endless kind and caring duties carried out to service user Beverley Hobson (Bev).

Bev had always wanted to go on holiday to Disneyland Paris and had been asking her niece Casey for months on end, however Casey had to tell her this wasn’t possible as she was unable to physically manage Bev’s needs by herself.

Casey was telling Joanne about this, about how sad she felt that she couldn’t make Bev’s wish come true, Joanne also really felt sad that Bev was not going to be able to go on her dream holiday to Disneyland.

Joanne took this upon herself to speak to the office staff and explain that she would like to offer to go away on holiday with Bev and her niece and be the carer for Bev whilst away. The office staff agreed that this would be a wonderful thing to do.

Joanne spoke to Bev’s niece and said that she would happily pay for herself to go away to help the niece care for Bev. Casey agreed and could not thank Joanne enough for this generosity.

Bev was so excited when her niece and Joanne informed that she was finally going to be able to go on her dream holiday and Bev’s niece was extremely grateful that they could even give Bev this opportunity.

Joanne went out of her way and used her holiday entitlement from Sarah Care to get the time off to go away with Bev.

We feel that this was an amazing thing Joanne did, Jo really is one in a million and a credit to Sarah Care.

Without Joanne giving up her spare time and giving this selfless act of generosity Bev’s dream would not have come true.

Christmas appeal

Due to the Covid Pandemic, many of our service users are vulnerable, shielding and may not see their families over the festive period.

A lot of our services are feeling down and missing their families.

As a team we are concerned over the mental health of many service users. Often the only people the see daily are us carers, so we decided all pull together and show every person that they aren’t forgotten and that we care.

Terri Elliot then took to social media appealing to the local community asking if they could donate a Christmas gift so we could make each servicer feel special and show them that we care.

The post was shared by all Sarah Care staff members, and the donations soon came in.
Members of the community donated gifts, hampers and money to buy gifts.
Selflessly Terri, Vickie, Claire and Nicole gave up their own time to arrange the socially distanced collections of all donations and then wrapped up over 240 gifts.

These were the delivered to all service users by their regular carers.
As managers Sarah and Julie could not be prouder.

With the signed permission of our Service users, we took some photographs of the special event.

Sarah Care really does care.

Socally-distanced party held to mark Evelyn's 100th Birthday

The management team at Sarah Care feel that all the care staff in the Killamarsh area deserves special recognition for the social distanced street party that they organised for service user Evelyn.

Evelyn was due to celebrate her 100′” birthday on 1″ May 2020, her family had originally arranged a party for her to celebrate this fantastic milestone in the local social club. All her friends, family and care team were invited.

Sadly, due to Covid-19 this had to be cancelled. The care team decided that this milestone could not be overlooked. They decided to organise a social distanced street party, they all donated money, where bought Evelyn gifts balloons and cupcakes. 2 carers baked a birthday cake, others involved their children at home and made banners. A carer that is also a hairdresser her hair for the occasion, another gave her a manicure.

Julie the manager at Sarah Care thought this wonderful gesture could be featured in the local press as a good news story and contacted the Sheffield Star and Derbyshire Times.

Evelyn had a wonderful day, her family sent all the staff involved a thank you note for the party and for all the outstanding care they have provided enabling her to reach the grand age of 100.

Sarah care would like to express thanks to all involved for being simply kind, caring and amazing and for going above and beyond what is expected of them.

"Wear it pink" breast cancer fund raising event

The management team at Sarah Care feel that on this occasion all the team deserve a special recognition and a massive thank you for giving up their own time to try and make a difference to members of the public.

Cancer is a cruel disease that has personally affected and continues to affect many individual members of the Sarah Care family.

Following on from the fund raising that we organised in April this year, we decided that we would like to try and raise some more money in aid of Cancer.

As a team this time we decided to get involved with the “Wear in pink campaign”. Once again we hosted a fun day/afternoon at our office, where we played games, had a raffle, drank tea, coffee and ate lots of beautiful cakes made by our very own carers (bought by the registered manager!).

The day was a fun and laughter. Staff members brought along some of their family members to join in the fun.

In total that day we raised over £130 for breast cancer. Staff also bought tickled pink t’shirts and jumpers from the local supermarkets to which the proceeds from the sales also were donated to the cause.

We are immensely proud of each and everyone of our care workers who make a difference to our service users lives each day. Today was more special due to the fact that this kindness and generosity was spread further afield.