Our Services

Our service is available 365 days a year. Whether you need a 15 minute call or 24 hour live-in care.

The service to be provided by the company will vary depending on the needs of each service user. A senior member of the care team will visit to do a home assessment.

The Care Plan, or Service User Plan, is the key document for your care. We will have assessed areas of risk and identified your needs, and this is recorded on your Care Plan. We then decide how our staff can meet these needs, and this forms your plan of care.

Care planning is continuously reviewed because people’s needs change, sometimes on a daily basis, and we have to respond to these changes to make sure that we’re delivering the right care. We will always seek your opinions and input when developing the Care Plan, and making changes or amendments to it, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the care you receive from us. The service user care plan shows the service purchased by you. The care plan to be implemented will be explained to the Support Worker(s) who will report to the company any changes required. The company will then discuss this with you and your family or friends.

The company recognises the right for service user’s to make choices about the way their service is delivered. We are aware that we are guests within your home and that your rights must be respected at all times. We also recognise the value in involving your family members, relatives and friends in your Care Plan, and we will always (with your permission) invite your family or friends to participate in the care planning process.


•  Care Following Hospital Discharge
•  Assistance with health needs including medication management
•  Sitting Services including overnight support
•  Carers short breaks and holiday support
•  Shopping and meal preparation
•  Escorting to appointments/social activities
•  Assistance with mobility
•  Domestic support
•  Palliative and End of Life care
•  Dementia care
•  Reablement
•  Companionship