These are some testimonials that have been sent in by services users.
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Just a note to say how superb Sarah care were when attending my mum who is 93. A carer never failed to turn up and the carers were always pleased to see my mum and made sure she had taken her medicines, had some food and generally made sure she was ok. Unfortunately my mum became unsafe in her own house and had to move into a home so sadly we had to say goodbye to Sarahcare. I would whole heartedly recommend Sarahcare if you are looking for homecare support for an elderly relative.
Kevin Bamford
I have been extremely happy with Sarah Care. Everyone who I have met from Sarah Care has been extremely professional, responsive and concerned to ensure high standards of care and responsiveness. I have some peace of mind with Sarah Care. They operate with a strong commitment to ensuring high standards of care are not compromised. This runs through the Values and Culture that Sarah Kerr herself has instilled in the company and her personal interest in ensuring her team offer the highest level of care. I think her team respond well to her leadership and to her organisation of Sarah Care so that carers can do their work effectively without cutting corners due to work pressures (that might be the case elsewhere). I strongly recommend Sarah Care for the high standards of care, personal sensitivity, attentiveness to detail and responsiveness. Sarah Kerr has established a Care Agency with a personal face that is approachable and responsive to individual needs. It has a team of carers who have been handpicked and who work in a supportive culture that helps them give of their best to their patients. I think it must be a great place to work as well as an excellent Care Agency to contact for Care.
Diana Sheffield
I want to thank you and Hannah for all your support for my mum when she had the fall. It was really kind the carers to visit my mum in hospital. You are a fantastic Care Agency and I am very impressed with your qualify of care and the carers attentiveness and care of my mum.
Just to say how grateful I am for all the help I was given to do my sorting and packing etc in the flat. I really couldn't have done it without all the brilliant help. I also just wanted to comment on how dedicated Donna was in trying to keep working whilst her mum was so ill. She was determined not to let anyone down and she was a credit to your company (although I do think she should have had some time off!!) ..... she also saved me alot of problems covering Sarah's shift last Thursday. (She doesn't know I've said anything to you but I thought she deserved the acknowlegement)! Thanks again for everything and for accomodating changing my visits whilst I am here at Dermots.
Sarah Care has recently provided care and support for my mother. We began with support three times per week, to shop and make lunch. As my mother's health deteriorated Sarah Care provided a night sitting service to support the carers in our family, and then they later provided a day service too so that we had assistance whilst we were caring for my mother in the day. I decided to submit a testimonial because I have been very impressed with the Sarah Care service. The points which impressed me were: Assessments of my mother's requirements were made speedily Sarah Care were quick to respond to changing requirements The carers were great - skilled, friendly and supportive, respecting my mother's wishes and carrying out her requests in a very understanding manner My mother died at home - the carers were respectful and sensitive at this difficult time Additionally the team were easy to get hold of and straightforward to deal with. The support was agreed and put in place very quickly.
Daughter of Service User
We've never met but I am Edna's son, David, who lives in France, Just thought I'd drop you a word or two to say "thank you" for what you are doing. I can tell the difference from here just talking to her on the phone. She's like a different person;cheerful,more alert,more to say and she lmderstands what I'm saying to her, which is an amazing improvement. Thanks again, now she has carers who care, best wishes
David C
All your staff are brilliant, they think of all those they care for as human beings and treat them as such and personally myself I know we are all God's children and Jesus says 'love one another as I love you'. Basically that is what the Carers do.
Can I just say again how very much we appreciate the care given to my Dad by your staff over the years, People have been very warm and genuine, and it's made a big difference to the quality of his life, especially as he's become more confused and in need of reassurance, Please pass on our thanks and gratitude.
Sarahcare has provided me with a standard of care that exceeded all my expectations. Contacting the management (Sarah) is pretty much perfect. I almost always get through to a person without the need for pressing more buttons, and on the two occasions I got an answer machine I didn't leave a message but got a call back soon after. I have also found the firm to be very very flexible. I have just one very minor moan (which I will come to later). But it is minor! I have two carers, one for weekdays, the other for weekends. Following an accident about 9 months ago I watch as my fairly large house descended into a total shambles. It took a week and a half for my weekday carer (Kelly) and Rachel (weekends) to "bottom" the house completely and the psychological impact living in a tidy house again is beyond belief. Even better was being able to get out of the house and do ordinary things like shopping. But it's the getting out that is the nice bit. That little moan. The carers are not allowed (I can understand perhaps why) to administer my eyedrops or trim (every few months) my toenails. But they assist (supervise) me whilst I shower and THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT OF ALL is that they are both good fun to have around, I look forward to their arrival and enjoy the banter and the company as well as getting a service that is second to none. Even their prices are totally reasonable. I cannot praise sarahcare highly enough. And I'll probably get a smack for saying this but it doesn't hurt one little bit that Sarah, Kelly and Rachel are all very easy on the eye. This company is as good as it gets.
I just wanted to write and give some feedback on one of your carers that I met yesterday at a client's house. Her name was Kelly Cranstone, and I was very impressed with her relationship with the client, her understanding and sensitivity about dementia and her obvious caring manner. Although we are not allowed to recommend specific agencies, I will certainly be passing on my observations of the quality of the service that I witnessed.
You really helped us to look after mum at home. We couldn't have done it without your support.
It would seem that both my mum and dad are very happy having Charli as their main carer. I must admit I feel much more relaxed about it too. From my visits I can see that my dad is looking much less tired now and feels able to ask Charll to do things for him, such as phoning the gas board today (fire not working). I know he enjoys his shopping trips with her and going for a spot of lunch. I also see a big difference in my mum, her and Charli seem to have a really good rapport, and I can see my mothers sense of humour coming out in their interactions. All in all I think they are happy, which makes me happy. Thank you so much for sorting things out.
Claire is really nice and doing a great job. We are very happy that we made the right decision in choosing Sarah Care.
The care mum has is excellent, the commumication and constant updates from Claire is above and beyond what I expected. We wish we had got her much earlier but value her care now.
Thank you Hannah. It's hard to believe she's not with us anymore. Just keep up the good work you all do at Sarah Care - it gave me peace of mind knowing someone was visiting regularly and making sure she was alright.